Christian Aid Week & Pie and Pudding Night

The theme for Christian Aid Week is “All Mums should live”

Sierra Leone is the world’s most dangerous place to become a mum. Every day 10 women die from giving birth. In Sawula district, the community struggle with a clinic which has no electricity and only two delivery beds.

Jebbeh is heavily pregnant but as her baby grows, it’s not joy that fills her heart, but fear. When Jebbeh’s sister Fatmata went in to labour, there were so few ambulances that Fatmata had no choice but to walk for three hours under the baking sun, to the nearest hospital. The journey was long and with every step Fatmata struggled to keep walking.

Jebbeh told us: ‘My sister was crying out with hunger. She died on the side of the road. She never gave birth.’

This Christian Aid Week (12 to 18 May), together, we can make childbirth safe for mums and babies. Through our gifts and prayers, we can help give the world’s poorest mums a chance to live.

This year Prenton United Reformed Church wants to stand with mums and raise funds to support the work of Christian Aid so we are holding a

Pie and Pudding night on

Friday 17th May from 6.30 p.m.

Come along and have your tea, some fun and some fellowship. There is no charge but your generous donations will be appreciated.

£300 could provide a new delivery bed so more mums like Jebbeh can deliver their babies safely.

Speak to Heather if you would like to come along or to volunteer to provide food for the evening or for more information about Christian Aid.

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