Message from our minister, Jeff Hughes

Guard the Bible

There’s an old hymn which starts, “Guard the bible well, all its foes repel; the sweet story tell of the Lord;” and I see that happening as more and more of you have responded to the kind gift from Ron & Mavis Taylor of the Quick and Easy read Bibles. I have been greatly encouraged that so many of you have taken one of these Bibles and it’s lovely to hear that people are wanting to get back into scripture and are being excited once more by this ancient and yet living word.

I hope that many more of you will be encouraged to take up Ron & Mavis’ offer of a copy or to simply have confidence to pick up your own Bibles and get reading.

It’s true that the Bible can be difficult to read because of the distance of culture and time but it’s also true that this is the living word of God, as relevant today as it was when it was written so, we need to struggle with the bits we don’t understand and talk through the bits that confuse us; we need to wrestle with the bits we don’t agree with, trying to understand the context and reasons for which they were written, and we need to look again at the bits we don’t like and readily dismiss as no longer relevant.

There is a danger that as our country and culture move further away from its Christian heritage the Bible is being side-lined as a guide and source for moral and ethical standards by people in the Church too. In the book of Revelation, John urges the church to ‘return to its first love’ and I’d like us, as a church, to be encouraged to do just that as we get back into our Bibles, to know and understand the sweet story of the Lord for ourselves and to be able and confident to share that with others.

If you want a New Year resolution then a regular reading of your Bible is a good one to start with.

God bless.


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