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Are you with me?

Back in the late 70s and early 80s there were a number of adverts on TV for the Woolwich Building Society. In one of them a mathematician had written an extensive equation across a number of chalk boards and asks his students, ‘are you with me?’ to which they replied, ‘No, we’re with the Woolwich’.

The big truth I want us, as a church, to take with us into 2018 is ‘God with us: God for us.’

When we ask the question of someone ‘are you with me?’ it’s not necessarily a geographical question; though there are those times when just knowing someone else is there is, in itself, a comfort and encouragement.

More often than not though the question is about solidarity, understanding, empathy, support, identification, unity, commonality, harmony, shared ideals and aims, team spirit, rapport, relationship, help, and I could go on.

To know someone is ‘with us’ can be all we need when facing difficult and challenging times and experiences.

God promises to be the answer to that question, ‘are you with me?’ because as our Creator He knows how we work. We are told that he put us together in our mother’s womb and knows us through and through. And in Jesus he becomes our Saviour, understanding our needs and wants and the pressures we experience in life – he too has experienced what it means to be human – what it means to be with us.

When we ask God the question, ‘are you with me?’ there is no danger that he will ever answer ‘No, I’m with…’ rather He confidently answers, ‘I am with you always’.

Every blessing for 2018


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