Operation Christmas Child 2019

I understand that it may seem rather early, but I’ve been thinking about shoeboxes.

As promised at the AGM I have decided to start collecting through the summer so that we have a head start, spread the cost and perhaps find different things to include in our boxes.

Each week through June and July I will ask for items for boxes in different categories. If you would like to contribute please bring something along and put it in the box at the back of the church.

Knitted items are gratefully received and I have knitting patterns for those of you who would like to take them and have a go! (Patterns are for a range of knitting abilities!)

Full details of Operation Christmas Child can be found on line at www.samaritans-purse.org.uk

Items to avoid. War related items e.g. toy guns and soldiers, knives, camouflage items etc. Religious items or literature, 4 suit playing cards, Sweets or other food items, Toothpaste, Handmade toys with stuffing, Glass items, Liquids, Aerosols, Sharp objects, Medicines, Books with many words, Unwrapped scented items, Clothing other than that stated.

Suggested Contributions

9th & 16th June SOMETHING FUN

Skipping rope, Yoyo, Slinky, Dominoes, Spinning top, Mini Jigsaw, Puzzle cube, Wind up torch, Toy car/train/ truck, Animal figures, Small Musical instrument

23rd & 30th June SOMETHING TO LOVE

Cuddly toy (CE), Rag Doll (CE), Barbie Doll, Hand puppet, Finger puppets, Wind-up toy, Small ball, Inflatable ball, Finger skateboard.


Chalk, Crayons, Small Colouring book, Drawing pad, Stickers, Magnetic drawing board, Mini Stampers (pre inked), Click together model, Play-Doh, Glider kit (non-military), Bead kit, Small sealed sewing kit (10-14), Mini scraper foil kit (10-14), Paint set (solid), Stencils, Mini Spirograph.

21st & 28th July SOMETHING TO BE CLEAN

Toothbrush, Soap, Flannel, Wash mitt, Sponge, Hairbrush, Comb, Chapstick, Emery board, Nail clippers.


Pens, Pencils, Sharpener, Eraser, Solar Calculator, Geometry Set (10-14), 6”Ruler, Exercise book, Notebook, Highlighters, Colouring pencils, Felt tip pens, Pencil case, Safety scissors, Glue stick, Mini board games, Water bottle.

18th & 25th August SOMETHING TO PUT ON

Hat, Gloves/Mittens, Scarf, Head band, Ribbon, Hair clips, Bracelet, Necklace, Small bag, Sunglasses (UV), Draw string bag, Dress up items – animal ears, crowns etc.

If you miss a specific week please bring items that you have whenever suits you, this list is offered to assist rather than impair!

Thank you, Heather

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