About us

The Communion Table

Prenton is part of the United Reformed Church (URC) – the Church that came into being in 1972 out of a union of Congregationalists, English Presbyterians and later Churches of Christ. You can read about the Nature, Faith & Order of the URC here. In fact, if you haven’t explored the main URC site, you may wish to do so.

So what does it mean for us being part of the URC at local level?


Firstly, it means that we are governed by the decisions of the Church Meeting, which happens monthly. That’s when we meet as the local URC body of Christ, as members who have covenanted to work out our discipleship in fellowship and care of one another. We meet monthly in the context of worship, and make decisions as carefully and prayerfully as we can, believing that this is how we best discern the will of God for us. And then we live with those decisions! That takes commitment and trust – and that’s part of what we are: trusting people, committed to one another.

The spiritual life of Prenton is overseen by the Elders’ Meeting. The elders are elected to serve for a 4 year term and have responsibility, with the Minister, for the pastoral care and spiritual life and witness of the Church. Interestingly, the Elders’ Meeting is legally responsible for the Church, and so the ultimate responsibility for everything to do with the Church lands on the doorstep of the Elders’ Meeting!

Being followers of Jesus means, for us, to be and act and become more and more like Jesus. That happens in all sorts of ways – through prayer, worship, fellowship, study – but most visibly as we tray, in little (and bigger!) ways, to make a difference to our world in the name of Jesus and in the power fo the Spirit.