Advent Calendar

This message was added in December 2020. At that time a new video was added each day from 1st to 25th December. This message is being made available again in 2021 – this time all the videos are available to watch.

Each link below opens a short video with messages leading up to Christmas day.

Dec 25th Christmas Day

Dec 24th  Secret Message  Play the secret message before playing the Advent Story for Dec 24th

Dec 23rd

Dec 22nd

Dec 21st

Dec 20th

Dec 19th

Dec 18th

Dec 17th

Dec 16th

Dec 15th

Dec 14th

Dec 13th

Dec 12th

Dec 11th

Dec 10th

Dec 9th

Dec 8th

Dec 7th

Dec 6th

Dec 5th

Dec 4th

Dec 3rd

Dec 2nd

Dec 1st

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