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You’re invited to…

The summer is a time for weddings and marriage blessings and, over the last couple of months and in the months to come, I will have conducted a few and been invited to others.

They are times where people are brought together in common purpose. They are exciting events; full of promise and hope for the future as well as being times of great celebration.

We often meet old friends at weddings getting the opportunity to ‘catch-up’, but we also meet people we have never met before with the opportunity of celebrating with them and the potential of starting new friendships.

At the heart of any wedding there is ‘invitation’. The invitation of the proposal – ‘will you marry me’, the invitation of the promises – ‘will you take…’, the invitation of a new relationship – ‘you may kiss your bride’ and the invitation to celebrate – ‘You are invited to … rsvp’.

Over the coming months there will be opportunities for us to do some inviting. We are holding an Art Exhibition over the August Bank Holiday weekend; the Macmillan Coffee Morning in September; our Harvest celebrations and lunch in October; the Remembrance and Remembering services in November and our Christmas services and celebrations in December, not to mention our weekly coffee mornings and services.

Jesus told a great parable about a wedding feast to which many were invited – some people came and others gave their excuses. The same will happen to us too as we offer our invitations. One thing you can be sure of is that no one will come unless they’re invited.

Every follower of Jesus, including you, was once invited.

Every blessing


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