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Put some skin into the game!

Sometimes, I get into conversations about the past, and people tell me what it was like moving from radio to TV; the thrill and excitement and anticipation. Many people relate memories of crowding round a tiny screen watching the coronation of our current Queen and just how amazing it was for the audio to become visual.

Throughout the Old Testament God spoke to his people through His Prophets, through scripture and through visions but something was about to change, and it did when 2,000 years ago “the Word became flesh,” the Saviour took on skin, Jesus was born in Bethlehem and the audio became visual. We call this the “Incarnation‟ which has its root in the Latin word “carne‟ which translates as “meat”, and the majesty and the mystery of the incarnation is that the divine became physical; the eternal Word took on flesh and bone, God became Man and assumed the fullness of our humanity, for us and our salvation.

There’s an expression, “to put some skin into the game‟. It means to have a personal investment in the pursuit of a goal or achievement and, to incur risk in order to achieve that goal. That‟s exactly what God did in his plan to save humanity from the effect of sin, He literally put „skin in the game‟. The incarnation means God is fully invested in and committed to us; God takes the risk! And this is the power of the Word made flesh. Our Creator was willing to do all that was needed to become our Redeemer. God communicated His great love for us not with just words but the Word made flesh, entering the fullness of our condition to welcome us back home.

When we celebrate Christmas we too conjure up those feelings of excitement and anticipation of the audio made visual. And it‟s why, regardless of our circumstances it can still be a Happy Christmas.

I pray for God‟s blessing to rest upon you and your families this Christmastime and in the year to come.

God bless.


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