Operation Christmas Child 2019

Suggested Contributions

SOMETHING TO LEARN WITH – 4th & 11th August Pens, Pencils, Sharpener, Eraser, Solar Calculator, Geometry Set (1014), 6” Ruler, Exercise book, Notebook, Highlighters, Colouring pencils, Felt tip pens, Pencil case, Safety scissors, Glue stick, Mini board games, Water bottle.

SOMETHING TO PUT ON – 18th & 25th August Hat, Gloves/Mittens, Scarf, Head band, Ribbon, Hair clips, Bracelet, Necklace, Small bag, Sunglasses (UV), Draw string bag, Dress up items – animal ears, crowns etc. If you miss a specific week please bring items that you have whenever it suits you. This list is offered to assist rather than impair!

Thank you, Heather

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