Baptisms and Thanksgiving Services

To book a Baptism or a Thanksgiving Service , please contact the Church Secretary by phone on 0151 677 3248 or by e-mail, using the link at the foot of the Home Page.

Infant Baptism

When a new baby arrives, families and friends want to give thanks for the miracle of new life and very often they bring the baby to Church for Baptism (also called Christening). Baptism is more than just giving thanks; it marks a new beginning in our life as Christians and looks forward to Confirmation. Baptism is the sacrament of entry to the Church, so is administered only once.

Adult Baptism – a statement of faith

An adult who is being Baptised will make their own statement of faith. When an infant is Baptised, parents have to make this statement of behalf of their child. During the service, the parents are asked “Do you believe and trust in one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, maker of heaven and earth, giver of life, redeemer of the world?” As they are speaking for their child, the parents need to be sure that this is what they believe.

Thanksgiving Service

Some parents cannot make the statement of faith on behalf of their child, or they may be unable to promise to bring the child up in the life and worship of the church. Other parents believe that the child should make their own decision about Baptism when they are old enough. For these parents, the church offers a Service of Thanksgiving (or Dedication) for the Birth of a Child .